19 January 2007

oh to watch you squirm...

if i ever need a few comments in my box
i need to remember to just use the words
'i'm not telling'
it was nice to hear from ya'll
even if it was to say
'what?!? what is it?! what?!?'
now of course i know the first thought
in all of the minds of you readers
so to answer that right away
there will be no 3rd child anytime soon.
(as far as i know...ha:)

so the surprise is just something i have been working on
& will hopefully be ready to share in february
that is only 12 days away
(you can wait, kel...i know you can:)

also two things i have been asked
in comments & out of comments
(i do talk to people in real life too!)
the ceasar itailian dressing is from kraft
it's full name is
kraft free ceasar italian
but i like to call it 'ceas it'

& the enchiladas are not in fact made by any amy i know
but by a little amy that everyone should know!
in your organic freezer section
(i got mine at super collosal walmart
& i have seen them at alberston's
& i'm sure whole foods
has them
not that i would know because
we don't have a whole foods yet
because apparently the city leaders of eugene
perfer the lovely landscape architecture of truent teenagers
to a grocery store full of tasty goodness...
did i mention i love this town?)
i hope that will help all of the preggers out there
(of which i am not one...i don't think...:)

also a big congratulations
to three sweet girls who just had three sweet girls!

my dear friend, ex-roomate
(that sounds so sad, let's say former roomate)
(& yes i did just make up that spelling...it just makes sense!)
nyc tour guide, dancing queen & all around great girl,
jamie had darling vivi
just a few weeks ago
oh how i love that name!
& she'a a cutie pie!
(ps jamie please email me your address
(yes i lost it again!)
i have something for your little muffin)

& the ever beuatiful nozomi
just had ahn (pronounced 'on')
& though i have not seen her in person
i have no reason to think that she is
anything short of gorgeous
considering her parents (think brangelina)
plus they are just the nicest little family!

& the darling holly
& her sweet little bundle, selwyn
holly is amazing
she was in kate's wedding
& wore the shoes from hell
(truth be told she helped pick them out
so she had better be wearing them:)
& danced like there was no tomorrow
all at 8 month preggo!
what a woman!
(ps thanks, kate:)

yipee for girls!
so excited for all of you!

til we meet again...




I must add to your beautiful list...holly has her angel Selwyn!

jmbmommy said...

12 days......
....congrats on the babies ladies!

Kel said...

yeah for babies!!! and hooray for more girly girls! Can you tell us how Holly came up with Selwyn, it's so beautiful sounding. And what does Ahn mean? Love it too! And Vivi!!! sounds like a fabulous woman in the making!


Selwyn is Welsh and the name of a river in New Zealand...so it was perfect for them!

Jamie said...

I feel famous now that I've been named in your blog! Is Selwyn's mommy my friend Sarah's sister Holly? If so, congratulations Holly!!!And to Nozomi too! Em, I'm emailing my addresses to you today--I'm so excited to partake in your talented self. And be on the lookout for Baby Girl's birth announcement--I took inspiration from you! :) xoxo