26 October 2006


my computer is not on my good list
not even on my kind of good list
not even on my would be nice & say hi if i was in the same aisle of the grocery store with it but probably wouldn’t yell hello across the parking lot list

no idea what’s wrong
that is not my department
i’m in the blog & play with photoshop department
the manager of the fix it department says it will take a few hours
& he is not willing to give up sleep
so that i can blog with out the screen freezing every 20 minutes
actually he’s going to look at it tonight
so maybe
i can learn to love my emac again…

i am accepting it now
the fact that maybe
if i don’t save every 2 minutes
i will lose blogs & pictures & other important things

i have been through the 5 stages of computer grief
‘this is not happening…my computer did not just freeze
the mouse simply decided to take a nap’
‘what the…..AGAIN?!’
followed by many words
that shouldn’t be read by your innocent eyes
(does anger come before or after bargaining? can’t remember…)
‘okay..if i only have safari & photoshop & email running will you please not crash?
okay if only have safari & email running will you please not crash?
pushing the on button?’
& finally acceptance:
‘i have come to take it as gift every time you freeze
because it means i can clean up small parts of our room
while you warm up again & again you crappy piece of crap…’
oops am i back to anger again?
so soon?

& that
in a nutshell
(the saying doesn’t specify the size of the nutshell…)
is why my blogging has been

but believe me
when we are back on
we are back on…



Kel said...

laughing laughing laughing...
love you and here's to crappy computers!

jmbmommy said...

I hate that too....the stupid thing only has one job....to work.... duh!

grandma Betty said...

when my mac froze, I fussed and fumed at it and
then read some of the directions that said to turn
it off-totally unplug-and imagine my surprise when
it worked. but, I'm on edge that it will happen again.
You have a good technician.

Left Coast Sister said...

Nothing like a frozen computer to help us remember the good ol' days of machines that took 1/2 an hour to download a photo.. how far we've come, right?? hope your sanity isn't the price of this current work stoppage!!


I am sorry to hear about your sad computer issues...as I sit her using my lovely new Dell, AH PC. Those new mac commercials sure don't show this part of things.

Am I being snide...probably, it just makes me a little happy that someone is willing to admit macs are not perfect.
love you...Save

rach said...

i'm very impressed with your commitment to keep turning it back on and then to wait!! when my computer used to freeze i would just go straight to the anger stage and punish it by not even looking at it for days - oh yes it was very inneffective.