05 October 2006

norm, have you seen the super glue?

each & every single day
i think of new things i want to post…
i love blogging
i’ve never been this consistant in journaling
for some reason
this works for me
(read: it involves interaction with others:)
plus my kids will have yet one more thing to look at
when they grow up
a lovely chronical of their life
in addition to scrapbooks that leave out
giant chunks of their life
(by the way, i have made peace with this fact
i want to enjoy scrapbooking
not feel guilty
so i just do what i can do…)
so thanks to you dear readers
(commenters & non-commenters alike)
i love hearing (& not hearing) from each of you:)

on with the show…

Saturday morning we went to the pumpkin patch
this was a brilliant idea on my behalf…
our october is pretty filled up
what with fun wedding stuff
plus the fact that we love UofO football
(go ducks!)

so we headed off to the farm…
sadly the farmers were not in sync with me!
no wagon ride to the pumpkin patch
plus the patch
(& i quote)
‘isn’t really ready yet’
um hello?
halloween is a month away
do they need to go buy pumpkins
& super glue them to last years stems or something?
(how kind & generous of spirit am i?)

none of that mattered
first off Q had no idea what he was missing
he didn’t remember that a hay ride was even possible
for all he knows
pumpkins grow in big pile in front of Albertsons

isn’t the point of this all just to be together?
& together we were!
feeding animals
cutting the u-pick flowers
playing on the play structure
& choosing our favorite pumpkins

i loaded everything into the cutest little cart
because i knew it would make a great picture
& it did
even thought the wheels hardly turned
& there was really no steering to speak of
& it made me want to cuss
but boy did our stuff look cute in it:)

this time of the year is so wonderful
around here…
it is my favorite
& by favorite i mean the change part
especially the change from summer to fall
& winter to spring

i love that in oregon we get every season
some wetter than others
but there is a distinct change every 3 months or so…
& getting cozied up in sweaters?
come on!
what is better than that?
(a close second is
putting them away for shorts in may…)

so we are ready to carve!
the funny thing is
this is our first of 3 trips
to pumpkin patches that we have planned!
it is probably good that the wagon wasn’t running
who could handle that much excitement in one season?



grandma Betty said...

Of course the pumpkin patch isn't ready yet.
We need to have a lot of rain so the kids can
slosh around in the mud and end up cold and
in tears go back and sit for an hour in their
kindergarden class. Sounds grumpy, but that
is the truth.

Angie said...

Great pictures. The one of you and Merra and the flowers is amazing. Brian needs to put that one on his desk.

Kel said...

Yeah for pumpkins, and leaves falling, and crisp, cool, sunny days, and hay rides, and costumes, and hot apple cider, and spicy smelling candles, and evenings all bundled up, and hats, and scarves, and oh oh oh I love fall!!!!

(plus the lighting for pictures is fantastic!!!- always thinking!)

Ali said...

Those flowers are awesome - are they upick? I love Lone Pines :). Had the best time with you last night!

rach said...

i was really holding on tight to summer this year - i have these fears of being stuck inside on rainy cold days - but i have been smacked in the face this week by the absolute beauty of fall that hits me every year - somehow i forget how amazing it is. football, crisp fresh air, insanely colorful trees and rubber boots!