08 October 2006

dream a little dream of me...

tomorrow i am off to las vegas
as a part of what may very well be
the closest i ever get to my dream job

right now i am working for my friend, tricia
as the creative director
(or something like that, no official name yet...)
for her business...
cocoa daisy
it is a kit club for scrapbookers.
so you can go on the site
(goes live very soon
& don't worry i'll link you up...)
& order a kit that we have put together
handpicking products from lots of different companies
but that all go together really well.

i get to help her choose a theme
& pick out stuff
& then i get to design pages
& projects for the site to show
the design team has 7 other people on it
so there will be a wide variety of examples...

this is my almost perfect job because
1. i get to play with paper & glue & other fun stuff
2. i get paid for it
3. i don't have anything to do with paying bills
4. i get to play with the newest scrapbook stuff
5. finacial matters have nothing to do with me
6. i can work on my own time

the only thing that would make it more perfect
is if there was a store front
& i got to design displays with unlimited budget
& time
& a babysitter paid for
& george c. serving me drinks, while john m. sings
(they're back!)
show me that job
& i am there.

we are going to lv for 3 days
for a scrapbook trade show
memory trends it is called.
so we will get to see all of the newest stuff
hello heaven?
is that you?
i loved trade shows when i was a buyer & when i was a rep
they are just fun
lots of excitement in the air

& vegas..
watch out
hundreds of scrapbookers on the loose
you'll be able to see the camera flashes from space
(just like the laser at the luxor)

& you know what they say...
what happens in vegas stays in vegas
unless you are ascrapbooker
then it's photographed, journaled about
& decorated with tastful embellishments...



Kel said...

Oh my goodness!!!
I am soooo excited for you!!!
I cannot wait to see what the site is like. HAve so much fun!

Left Coast Sister said...

If you do not like this job, then a high dosage of Prozac would be in order. If there was ever a job made for someone, this one was made for you. Is there an aspect of her business in which others pay the likes of you guys to do the scrapbooking that I am not creative enough to do? Can't wait to see the site!

rach said...

Have a blast Em!

jmbmommy said...

How is it on planet Utopia??
See you whence you return!
Have scads of fun.