14 November 2006


thought the computer got me didn't you?
after i pushed publish on that last post
it just reached right out & zapped me...
these machines can be very touchy
they don't like to be insulted
even when they deserve it
(did i say that?)
much computer drama
still going on in fact
when the moon is full
& we are all sitting around a campfire
i will tell you the scarey tales
emily & the computer of doom...

but for now i will say...
thank you to the mac store for renting computers
& thank you to joe p for hiring brian & i
to do a slide show for you & for paying for the rental of said computer
so that we can actually do the slide show...
& the biggest thanks of all
to my dearest coolest awesomest brian
for setting up the rented computer
sending me upstairs to catch up on the blogging world
making my blog our home page
& keeping mr. Q downstairs with the promise of 'monster, inc' & candy
you are a dream...


that's it?!!!?
gone for two & a half weeks
& all you get is a measley 2 paragraphs
(if my little bits & peices of sentences even qualify as paragrahs)
take heart young friend
while my computer was layed up in the mac hospital
i have been blogging in my head
prize winning blogs
& some will make it to you...
maybe today
maybe tomorrow
maybe some day
& definitely for the rest of my life....

stay tuned
it can only get better...



FullerFam said...

yippee skippy you're back! :)


HOORAY!!!! you are back...I was really beginning to go through emily blog withdrawal! I can't wait to read what is in your head!

jmbmommy said...

keep it up...you gotta keep up the buzz!!!!

Left Coast Sister said...

I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!! I'll be up your way next week... maybe a little cafecito between friends?? (; Glad your blog isn't headed for early retirement.

Kel said...

Phew! I am so glad you are back online! It's our only way of communicating!

psst...i missed you

rach said...

thanks for being darn funny and darn cool.

emmi said...

For a while I was afraid that you had been abducted into some Tron-like computerscape. I'm glad you're fine.