12 October 2006


okay! okay!
so i am a shopper
& a baby girl clothes hoarder
& a buy girl clothes even though you are pregnant with a boy shopper
but you guys way overestimated me!
i feel silly even writing how many of each item
miss m actually has
because it sounds so piddily in comparison to the guesses

but oh well
here are the real numbers
dresses 23 (highest guess 50! five oh
as in oh my gosh do you do anything but buy dresses?)
shoes 12 (highest guess 23, that would be 46 individual shoes)
cardigans 14 (highest 16, close close)
hoodies 8 (highest 15)
jeans 7 (highest 13)
the person closest without going over is.....
no one
but the person closest WITH going over is.....
nice going kel
i will send you a little fun pack
next week!
& i will save a few of those little dresses
for you
someday you may need them:)

oh & on that note
my dear friend emily h
whose husband's entire side has had baby boys
for the past 2 generations or something
does that make sense?
is that possible?
maybe that's not right
she has 2 boys
& now she's having a girl!
3 boys would have been just great
& tons of fun of course
but emily with a girl will be so beyond cute!
a little farmer girl!
i love it!
congrats em!
can't wait to buy you some red & pink stuff...

hey thanks for your guesses
maybe i'll do another contest sometime
guess how many storage containers we have without lids
or something exciting like that...
just you wait & see


oh & one more thing
las vegas was awesome
the scrapbook show was awesome
vegas was...
i think my airplane snacks say it all...
actually, i was thinking of changing my blog to this:
'otherwise known as plane cheesey'
what do you think?
(more scrapbbok stuff coming soon...)


jmbmommy said...

I demand a recount!!!

no, I am glad that I over-guessed, if I had been right, where would you put the baby??

Plane cheesy...Sammy always thinks those are a special treat, just for him when Matt comes home from a trip.

Kel said...

Hooray! I never win anything! How cool is this! I would like to thank God for giving me the gift of estimation, my dad for teaching me how to shop, and my mom for always making me buy my own clothes, my friend Em for organizing this fantastic event, and I just want to say that Miss M is probably the best dressed girlie I know...you go girl!!!

And honestly, I don't know what I would do if I had a girl. It would seem so foreign to me!!!
And I know my sweet husband would be a gonner! She would get anything she wanted.

Let's hear it for the boys!!!
(oh, congrats to the other Emily!!!)

katie said...

I don't even have any children yet, but I adore little girl's clothing!

You do have quite a collection goin' on ; )

Oh and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!