03 October 2006

free stuff? did you say free stuff?!?

saturday night was all about adult entertainment
no not that kind
you’ll have to go to a different blog
if that’s what you’re looking for…

so for b & i that meant
kiddos to grammy & pop’s house
(what a ginormous, hugio blessing that is)
& us back to our house
for a couple of hours of doing whatever the heck we wanted
in a house not filled with the sounds of
need shokit milk!
i NEED shokit milk & juice’
(sorry buddy, one beverage at a time here
what do we look like a college bar?
no double fisting!)

so off b went to the wood shop
every husband needs to find that place for themselves
where they can just have fun
no pressure
& accomplish something
(this is a big one for b)
he just loves it in there
(& oh boy how happy
it would make my grandpa to know that:)

& i headed off to miss m’s closet
i know it sounds weird & mysterious doesn’t it?
like what could i possibly WANT to do in there?
is there a portal to another land?
where i sit on the beach & scrapbook
while george clooney brings me giant glasses of ice water
(never let it get below half full, georgey)
& john mayer sings gentley in the background
(be a dear & bring a glass for john too would you, george?)…

back here on earth
i love to organize
those of you who have been to my house can stop laughing
right now.
i didn’t say i was tidy
or even a little bit of a clean freak
but i love folding things
& making them look oh so lovely on the shelf
just waiting for a photographer from real simple to arrive…
still waiting.

poor miss m
her closet needed a do over
thus far the only time i have a moment to do some organizing is
when she is asleep
& strangley enough
she sleeps in her room
where her closet is located
(weird right?)
so i went in there & got busy
(again, not that kind of blog)

now you may think
‘how long could that little job take?
the child in question is only 6 months old
i’m sure emily was back in her geoge clooney portal in mere moments’
(maybe this IS that kind of blog…)

you would be wrong.

how many dresses does a baby
(who can’t even sit up on her own
by the way)

that, my friend is for you to answer
& who-so-ever guesses closest gets a prize
delivered to their home
& a trip through the closet portal…

so post your guesses here in the comment section
& if you don't want to comment publicly
(the pressure of choosing a screen name is quite paralizing, i know...)
email me & i'll post your answer for all to see

extra credit:
how many pairs of shoes does a girl who doesn’t even crawl yet need?
(though she just started that
getting up on her knees & rocking thing yesterday!
brian keeps saying
‘push her down! remember what happened with the other one?’)
how many cardigan sweaters?
pairs of jeans?
(wow, you are going to be rolling in the prizes)

i'll give you a week to ponder this
so next thursday
(a little more than i week i guess)
i will announce the winner

i will even post pictures!
i know.
you can hardly wait…


ps i just want to add that i didn't buy all of these clothes
not that i am not a champion shopper...
but after having Q
i realized that they really only wear each thing a few times
therefore most of the ones i did buy were from garage sales:)
the rest are from various friends who are mom's of girlies
(thanks angie, rachael, wendi & susan g.)
also from grammy (thanks!)
& last but not least from auntie kate
who, when i called to tell her that i was having a girl said
'i'm going shopping tonight'
& she did:)
thanks kate:)



I am not sure this is a fair contest...are you going to promise not to buy anything more for her? I mean one trip to old navy and you could throw off the entire thing...

Kel said...

I will say 32 dresses
18 pairs of shoes
23 shirts
14 pairs of pants
and 10 hats

And 1 cutie smile!!! :)

Left Coast Sister said...

I would say there's no end to the number of reasons why a 6 month old dolly should have 53 dresses and 14 different kinds of shoes... sheesh, she has a life, right? Has to have clothes for really dirty playdates (not THAT kind), for not-so-dirty playdates, for church, for nights out on the town, for pictures, .... the list goes on and on. What kills me is how few outfits my dudes actually wore a lot because they work! And, I'm with Brian... push her down. Sit on her. ANything.

jmbmommy said...

I am not quite sure, but I did see the haul at her shower....hmmmm

40 dresses
23 pairs of shoes
52 shirts
24 pairs of pants
44 hats
11 sweaters
15 hoodies

Already on her hands and knees?? woo hoo, Benny boy is the color green for jealous...his latest is just to lay on his tummy and yell because he can't get ANYwhere on his own steam. The first was content to sit and play, not this one.....


I really did go shopping that night and bought most of the girl section at baby gap...So here are my numbers
dresses 35
shoes 12
45 shirts
13 pairs of jeans
12 hats
16 cardigens...oh wait am I counting for Merra or myself? Do I need to start over?