15 June 2009

world wide wonders: today i am loving...

(photo from color me katie)

this post check out all those toes!
(shelley & brian grew up on the same street...
shout out to indiam springs circle!)

color me katie every bit of it is awesome
but i love this post in particular
(& the one below it, too)
(found through
guess who?
tara :)

the idea of a memorial quilt... rachel at bling on my sewing machine
(great name, huh?) talks about it in this interview...
very sweet, very cool....

oh, posie, i love you! the comments on this post
are really fun to read...she asked about sewing & when you first learned
or if you don't sew would you ever want to learn...
over 1000 comments later, i think she has a few answers :)

eat, pray, love is one of my favorite books
in fact i just rebought it a couple of weeks ago
($2.99 at goodwill & it's $.01 on amazon + shipping of course:)
i need to reread it this summer for sure...
this video of elizabeth gilbert is great...

what are you loving this week?


1 comment:

rach said...

i'm halfway through book - i will make sure to keep reading so that you can read it this summer!!