20 June 2009

that bad mom...

at the park
there's this one kid
who is just a little too excited about being at the park
& he's just holding it together
but then at some point his craziness
just gets away from him
& he ends up hurting someone.
& the moms at the park are looking around for his mom
'who's kid is this?'
their faces say
'who could have raised such a hooligan?'
& they find her
& she is texting on her phone & didn't even
see said event take place...
when informed she apologizes
& tells her son to apologize
but he refuses.
further proof that this is one bad mama...
& the kid
the wild kid
he starts having a fit
a monumental fit
calling his mom mean names
& flailing around...
the park moms walk away
talking under their breath
& shaking their heads
'no wonder our world is such a scary place'
their backs say
'with kids like that on the loose'

today that kid was Q
& that mom was me.


ps the girl was just fine.
Q is in time out.
i am trying to forgive myself.
& him.

pps for the record
the mean names were
idiot, stupid & baddest mom ever in the world.

ppps not ALL of the moms were like that.
one mom, who i know
smiled & waved as we left
(thanks, meg, that got me to the car
without crying...)

pppps the worst part about this
is that i have been like those other moms
lots of times
'sheesh, get a hold of your kid, lady!'
it goes around
& comes back.


Meg said...

Oh MY GOD!!!! I had no idea you were worrying!! And NO ONE was saying things like that! The bday mom was just asking about you and your kids because she saw us talking. (She's kind of a grumpy looking lady all the time, not just directed at you!) Q was NO worse than any of the other hyper kids there; please, please, please don't let this weigh you down! There were many more overly-bounced, crash-landing, falling over backwards kids as the afternoon went on.

I'm so glad I ran into you (and verified that I did, indeed know you, LOL). I got busy helping with the cake and couldn't say good-bye. But please let me know anytime your kids want to play, I know my daughter had a great time with Q! Your kids are stinking adorable!


Emily said...

Oh man! What a horrible, horrible feeling. I didn't know how easily these kind of days happen until I had Jack. Ugh. I've never seen you with your kids, but you call them elves, and that makes you a really awesome mom in my book!

I hope tomorrow is better.

p.s. I'm really glad you wrote this. It reminds me that all moms have hard days and that when I feel like a really bad mom, I'm not the only one and sometimes it just happens. Thanks.


Oh emmy...you are a good mom! I feel responsible because you were probably texting me, which I love!

Today we tried to take the boys out to breakfast and at one point they both were screaming and I ended up nursing at the table. Something I never thought I would do...
I think that fact that you are worried makes you a good mom.
Love you DHP!!!

emilyruth said...

thanks girlies :)

meg- it's good to know that it wasn't as bad as it felt :) it was super fun to see you! Q loved playing with your daughter too...we should totally meet & play again sometime! i promise the good responsible mom will be there...


Anonymous said...

Oh honey don't feel bad anyone who has been a
mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother knows
that we will have little events and other mothers
give us pitying looks and we think they are judging
us and our parenting skills. Another day they will
be having the same experience.
I learned early on to NEVER SAY NEVER. As soon as
you do one of your children is going to knock
another child off a swing, or rocking horse or worse,
throw sand in their hair.
I'm glad Meg was a careing friend.
Love you, GM

jmbmommy said...

yep... been there, will be there again (I am sure in all of the characters in the post, even then screaming kid, probably.) This is why God gave us new days, to just start all over, or even new hours, or minutes.

jmbmommy said...

At least you knew which kid was yours!

Kelly said...

Totally been there. I wish so bad that I was there to give you and hug and stick my tongue out at any mom that was glaring at you. =)