18 June 2009

click, click, click, click

e: i don't care what movie we go to, i just want to see it at the vrc theater
bg: why? are the seats more comfortable?
e: no, i just like it better...
bg: why?
e: i just do
bg: why?
e: i just like it!
bg: there has to be another reason
e: okay, okay...it has a photo booth
bg: aha! well, we definitely don't have enough photo booth pictures...


ps i have done so many of these
you would think that i would have some sort of plan
'pic 1: serious face
pic 2: stick out tongues
pic 3: kissie face
pic 4: smile'
but no...
every single time
'what should we do?!'
1 second before the shutter clicks...
so we get smile, (crazy) smile, kiss kiss...
not that i'm complaining...


pps i'm thinking bangs are coming soon
for that shiny forehead



Sarah said...

cute photo!

jmbmommy said...

I don't think too shiny....You guys are such cuties! And you have such charming offspring...I mean really charming. They both were so cute showing me M's room. They are growing so big, so fast!

Lydia said...

oh, my friend, you mske me smile every time. I sure love you.

Kelly said...

I like your shiny forehead.
I like your photo booth pics.
I like that you keep asking until you get the answer.
I like you.

Must.Be.A-Follower. said...

Hiya Emily!
FYI--Gateway has a photo booth in the food court (at least in Feb., when my hubby and I took it for a spin, it did).
Just so ya know. :)