01 June 2009

happy birthday to

the cutest girl on any block

i love you, kate!
you are a great sister
fun friend
& wonderful mom!
it's been so fun to watch you become a mom this past year!
you are so good with your boys
& they are going to grow up
(heightwise way past you before the age of 12...i'm predicting:)
knowing that their mom loved them
so so much & loved being with them!

you are the funnest girl i know!
i wish we lived closer
so that we could go just be sisters together
(leave the kiddos for a bit:)
but we are making it work:)
(special thanks to texting, email,
cel phones & facebook for keeping us connected :)

hope your day is wonderful!
(don't neglect your motherly duties too much
while you are designing new outfits
wink wink:)


1 comment:


oh I love this!!! and I love you so much. I also wish we lived closer but I am thankful for technology. Can you imagine if we had to write letters and wait weeks to get them??