02 June 2009

croppin' & shoppin' (oh boy...)

i would love to see you for our summer sale
it's going to be super fun
lots of cute stuff & good deals
(& sun...please? let there be sun!)

we are also spending the day being crafty
whatever craft you're into
knitting, sewing, stamping, wood carving
scrapbooking, needle felting
stitching, card making, taxidermy...
you can come play all day
or just part of it
check the come play blog for more info on the
come play summer crop & craft day :)

also if you want to shop
click the graphic up there to go to the
creative boutique blog for directions to jill's cute house...

i would love to see your bright smiley faces!


1 comment:

Barb said...

God morning Emily!!

I came over from Angie's, and could not stop reading your posts.
I've read all of them to the bottom. =0) Love it!!

Thank you for putting me in the 'places to go in Eugene' list.
Very thoughtful and I'm blessed to be included. (I know someone who makes really cute things at this store.) =0)

I'm off to take care of business. (whchh means post on my own blog, then garage sales!!!)

Tell Katie I said Happy Birthday.