06 February 2009

vv 2/14...cheesie hearts

i love to send out valentines!
have i mentioned that?
i love to think about them
& design them
& make them
& send them...
love it!
one thing that i always like to do
(when i am in gear & planning ahead)
is take a picture of the kiddos
in some sort of valentinish looking way...
(that makes no sense & sounds kind of weird)

a few weeks ago we were painting
& miss m wanted me to paint her face
& i seized the moment
& painted little hearts
& then inexplicably was able to convince Q
to let me paint his too!
it was a random day miracle!
& then if that wasn't enough
they consented to get their picture taken
& the icing?
they smiled!
that was my valentine gift for the year
(that doesn't mean i don't want something on the day...
are you reading brian?:)
i so as you can tell
by my reaction to the angelic state of my kiddos
i don't expect every kid to be into getting their faces painted
or smiling
& i don't recommend that you
wrestle them to the ground
to paint their faces...
first of all
that would only result in smudged hearts
& second
not really a great valentine memory
valentine scars, really
& they will get those in middle school
no need to rush...
but maybe heart tattoos?
when Q was a baby i just cut out some big hearts
& gave them to him to play with
& took pictures...
super cute!

& then there was this one
so i made a couple that said
something like
'i NEED you for my valentine'
'i'm so sad without you'
'what the heck is my mom doing?'
something like that...
(check out that giant full diaper
perhaps that's why he was crying
you think?)

other fun accessory ideas...
*those cool heart deelie boppers
(that's what we called them in my day)
*heart shaped glasses
*draw a heart on a a onesie or bigger shirts for bigger kids
(or check old navy or target
they always have cute holiday shirts...
check out these super cute heart clothes!
i should not have looked at that page...
this dress will haunt me!
too sweet...)
*write happy valentine's day on three sheets of paper
& have each kid hold one
or take three separate pictures
with one word in each
or three pics three words three kids
& how about YOU doing one of these things!
alone or with the kids
why should the kids have all the fun?
come to think of it
a spouse might enjoy finding a heart painted some place interesting...
i will let you take that one where ever you want to...
PG blog!

& in the absence of pictures
do handprints!

the grandparents & aunts
love to get kiddo-made valentines in the mail
(i'm assuming here)
but a picture too?
major points!
(this one has some photoshopping going on...)
oh & i just remembered too
if you're going to do this
& you can't get more than one kid in a picture to smile
you could do what we did
for our 2007 christmas cards
in the absense of one single picture of everyone smiling
just print the best pics of each kiddos
& tape them to a piece of paper together
there they are
smiling beside each other
& you thought it would never happen...

or you could always go with reality...
that works too...



Emily said...

Oh my gosh! SO cute! I usually just skip Valentines Day *gasp!* but I'm inspired now! We'll see what comes of your VDay championing.

jmbmommy said...

Good ideas...did you bribe your kids with candy? Really, they sat together AND smiled, AND they were looking at you. Wow, you have trained them well. Cheers!

Liz said...

I love that photoshopped photo! It is adorable! I may just have to bet both of mine to smile at the same time too!

KaraBeagle said...

Now THAT'S what Valentines should look like!! You are SO creative..