04 February 2009

vv 1/14...group o' love

one fun way that i decorated for valentine's day this year
is by looking through some stuff i already have...
i like that i didn't have to buy anything new
& that all of this has a little history
that goes along with it
in the words of my grandpa cal
'i knew i was saving this for something'
this little sweetie was made by my sister, kate
when she was just a wee girl
(no, not in ireland:)
i love groups of things
& crayon drawing
& kid created
& ragged edges
this is one of my favorites
& i'm thinking i need to frame it soon
some of you know my friend jessica
she's jmbmommy round here
& she is a quilting maven
if you haven't seen her quilting creations
you need to go look at her blog
but do it after you finish reading this post
because trust me
you will get lost in all the talent & beauty...
for my bridal shower she made this little guy

a jmbmommy original!
she also made baby blankets when both of my
little elves were born
& what did she get from me for her babies?
lots of good intentions
& sadly good intentions don't keep babies warm...
enough of my guilt
i love this quiltieone day
when my time was my own
& not spent hanging out with little people
(who i love with all my heart, of course:)
a little red plate fell & broke
& so naturally
i saved the pieces
& put them together
in a little mosaic heart
the grout part was so fun
i must say:)
& this one
is a favorite
for sure
vintage letters
(found at ruthie b's)
used for those changeable signs
(when i was on student counsel
one of our jobs during 'student counsel class'
(that was a class just chock full of learnin')
was to change the sign outside the school...
& let me tell you
it's not easy when the sign is 10 feet in the air
& all you have is a long pole with a suction cup on it
trying to make the letters stick...
of course when you convince the adviser
that it takes five people to do it
it does become lots of fun:)

& the letters do mean a little something to me:)

since this is my house
& my ideas
there are no rules
& so even in a valentine group
a heart is not required...
Q made this last year
& i love it!
& red fits just right...

one day when my generous friend
let me look through her
stash of stuff
i found these little heart pins
& now i use them all the time...
so sweet...
the wall that put this little group on
has been pretty blank since we have lived here
(almost 5 years!)
& so it is a distinct possibility
that it will remain like this for a while
& that is just fine with me...


ps i am watching lost from last week
because i was working last wednesday
& i need to watch it before the next episode tonight...
i do love that show
we have been watching from the beginning
& are most definitely
wait wait wait!!!!!!!
i am literally watching it as i type
& only lost heads will understand this
but desmond & penny are talking
& he just said his son's name is charlie...
could it be THE charlie?
somehow with all of the time travel craziness
is charlie actually desmond's son?
or did he just name him after charlie
because desmond was there when he died?
oh that might be it...
my mind was just being blown
but maybe that makes no sense
(because this show is just full of logic, you know)
maybe i have calmed down
but i'm still not sure...
my favorite quote
which i think sums up the show
quite beautifully
was a few weeks ago
when lock woke up & said

'when am i?'

loved it...



Jessica said...

Oh you are so good...I love all of your hearty things, me Hearty! It is fun to see things that you (I mean me) made, oh so many years ago. Thanks for the great press. You are a pretty, cute girl, the thought of you and a suction cup and those letters, well, it makes me smile. GO J.C.!

Jessica said...

I was just looking closer...and I still have some of that fabric...and I think that was the first quilt that I ever hand quilted. And BTW I love those heart pins.

KaraBeagle said...

Wow, you actually decorate for Valentine's Day? I'm doing good to have Christmas put away by then (well, actually, this year it has been put away for a while...save the ornament the cats confiscated that is under the couch).

I feel good if I have the pruning done by now and the blackberries battled...still working on that one.... I'm enjoying the promise of spring outside--the swelling buds on the roses, the tulips and other early bulbs starting to poke their green out of the ground, the new growth on the lenten roses that I love so much..and so desperately need to be weeded!!