27 February 2009

little bits...

the stacks of dishes...
they turned out so fun!
oh you would love them!
if only i had remembered my camera...

so until i can get back & take some shots
here's some goodies
from some of my wednesday wonder-wanders
(just came up with that
sounds like a children's book doesn't it?)
i wanted to do some fun posts
about those wednesdays when i get to go explore
& see new, cool, different things...
but i haven't so
for today
just pictures & links...

glory days antiques, springfield

i love this sign & just the whole idea...victoriana antiques, cottage grove
fleur de lis cafe, cottage grove

cheesie elves, eugene

carved in the sidewalk...


jmbmommy said...

I heart Fleur di lis...I can't even remember how to spell it....warm ham and cheese quaaaa-sooo. ( see if you can guess what that is) I was thinking how does she do all that with the kids....then I remembered, you are untethered some mornings. Lucky girl!

KaraBeagle said...

Uh, oh. That book shelf? You could have taken that picture at my house....Am I an antigue? I'm not even 47 yet!!

Sarah said...

sounds like a great wednesday!

Anonymous said...

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