02 February 2009


i love hearts
i heart hearts
i always have...
in fact i just found my old sticker book
& there is a large area dedicated to hearts
(in the h section naturally...
yes my sticker books were organized alphabetically
& it's a good thing we have kids
or brian's socks would be too)
i'm not sure what it is about them
the symmetry?
the rounded edges that meet in a sharp point?
or is the symbolism?
love & all that crap...
don't know
but i love them
& so guess what my favorite holiday is?
no silly billy...
valentine's day
of course...
this holiday has never been about super romancie stuff to me
(not that i don't love getting romancie stuff...
note to brian)
i just love seeing the hearts
& making heartie stuff
just love it...
& so for the next couple of weeks
i will be sharing some 'very valentine' ideas:
stuff to make
decorating ideas
my heart things
& other heartie goodies...

but not in alphabetical order...



jmbmommy said...

Heartie things?....Yeah!

~Barb~ said...

Hearts and swirlies, my two favorites. Yum!
Peace & Love,

Kel said...

I still have a tag with a heart that you made me for Valentine's once. It has my name on it and I heart things with my name on it. I also heart you!