02 September 2008

well, turn it up...

you know how sometimes you go on a site or a blog
& music starts playing
& either you think
'ugh, if i wanted to listen to classic rock
i would go watch dazed & confused'
'agh! that scared me
don't you know that i'm blog surfing at 2am?

not so with this blog
in fact when i line up my blogs to read for the day
using the handy tabs maker
(puppy foot T for you mac users)
i often make it one of my tabs
& then i just listen to her list
for the hour or so that i am allowed on the computer
(my parents are so mean!!!!!)
it is so lovely
& i'm going to order some songs from itunes soon
thanks to emily ahern...

oh those emilys
let's just bookmark all emily blogs
shall we?
actually i have quite a few emily blogs in my
own bookmarks...
i smell a new link list
& strangely enough it smells like peanut m&m's...


1 comment:

The Lydia said...

mmmmm! I love peanut m&ms!! And Emilys! woot!