18 September 2008

something cozy....

for the little husky fan:)it's all about the lines of quilting
back & forth
back & forth
back & forth
& then i appliqued (is that how you spell it?) the W
& free motion quilted inside it...
when i appliqued i used purple thread on top
& yellow for the bobbin thread
so the back looks like this...
(these pictures are not so good
i know
believe me
i know)
& check this out...
the boy himself
in his official hospital photo:)
welcome sweet simon!
you are so loved
even if you are a husky fan...


today is snuggle down at our house
(jammers all day
& we don't leave the house
or at least the driveway:)
& i get to work on finishing quilts for
some other very special boys...
the shower is sunday
can i do it?
yes i can!

(i have already started the quilts for the twins
thank goodness:)


Lynn said...

Super cute Emily! Didn't realize you were a quilter! A woman of many talents!

KaraBeagle said...

My mom has made hand quilted (not machine quilted) quilts for all of her grandchildren and a few others (the Meyers kids).

What a gorgeous boy...can't wait to see him in person. (gotta get over this cold first!!)