11 September 2008

hunt & gather...for girls:)

ps (that stands for pre-script
don't worry there's a real ps at the end:)
oh so many pictures in this post!
i think i might need to think more about getting that flicker account...)
one day there was nothing on that shelf
& the next day there they were...
i didn't happen quite that fast
but that's how collecting works
you just keep picking things up along the way
& along the way i started picking up vintage hats
super cute
well made
we already had a few things that belonged to relatives...
did i mention that this was when i was in about 7th grade?
we weren't a family who woke up on saturday morning
(or for the hard core friday morning)
looking for estate sales
but we would stop if we saw one...
even just that little bit
ignited a passion akin to that of peanut m& m's
(just one will not do)
& i had a friend who helped me out
because she had some incredible hats herself
(thanks, emmi!:)...
as is my personality every few years or so
i would say
'do i really need all of these?
simplify, i say!'
& i would sell some hats at a garage sale...
& then sad regret a few months later...
i can still picture a little green velvet number
that i just let walk away
without a good bye even
now that i have kiddos who like to dress up
(& if i wasn't worried that in a 10 years his class mates
would somehow find them online
& make posters
i could post some show stoppers worn by a certain young boy:)
the hat love is back...
this weekend i got to do one of my most favorite things:
shop the coburg antique fair
& what's more
i got to do it with about ten other crazy
6am treasure hunters...
i have gone for about 7 years or so
usually with my sister
(i missed you, kate!
but you are doing a good thing
growing those two boys:)
& going early is so fun!
there's nothing like seeing the sun rise upon a box of
old tinker toys to bring a smile to your face...
some years i buy
some years i just wander
& enjoy the great displays & quirky stuff
& cute shop girls
(hi sue!)
(sue is with kathy
who owns colby cottage
she does some great sales around eugene
her christmas sale is amazing)

we all kind of split up into little buddy systems
& would see each other here & there
toting our wares:)
this year i bought a bit...
i walked by this little stool four times
& finally when i was a block away
i realized i needed it
so now it's under my art table...
some cute little stuff needed a home
& so here they reside:)
a sweet little booth had this amazing veilie hat thing going on
& just had to have a picture in it
& then i put it back

but then i was caught
just one table over
this adorable little
super-loved-by-someone hat
for $2?
i picked it up
i put it down
i picked it up
i could have churned butter
for how many times i picked it up & put it down
(hey jess remember that giant butter churner we saw?)
finally i decided to get it
& wouldn't you know it
the shop girl offered me a deal for both hats!
all of my posing got me in trouble...
a wonderfully sweet kind of trouble
for then i couldn't stop with two
so i found one more...
oh honey
come home with me:)

i had the joy
neigh the privilege of walking around with jessica
(i love how the sign behind us says
'fresh for you right now!'
that's us...)
& a one point she yelled
'the woodsies!'
& we walked into a booth that magically
transported us back to 1979
the whole booth was filled with toys from our childhood
(don't get me started on how
i could be old enough to have toys
that i played with as a child
be at a sale with 'antique' in the title)
i will be showing more pictures of
those toys over the next few months...

& then there were these little cuties
inside each little tin box was a film strip
used in sunday school
with pictures & words to songs
some were little stories
they were so neat
i wanted this one so bad
& the grumpy man at the booth said that they were $5 each
i offered him $3
& he said
'those are really old'
um i know
i'm at an antique show
will ya take the $3?
nope he wouldn't
& so left them there...
was it worth it to not buy them
for the cost of a peppermint hot chocolate?
only i can be the judge...
oh well jesus loves him, right?

we all met up at 9 to do show & tell
(i'm not in there
but my little red stool is...)

& it seemed that everyone found something

& an obsession is rekindled...

& i'm not going to sell these hats
my grandkids can do that...
hear that kids?
obey your grandma
& wear those hats
before you sell them...

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check these girls out...
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Lynn said...

Oh my gosh Emily, your blog always leaves me laughing! Glad to see you had to show "Pepper!" too funny! I really wish I would have seen the woodsies! I probably would have had to buy it! Totally loved that when I was a kid! Definitely sad that it was at an antique show though! I'm not THAT old am I? =)