22 September 2008

& then...

(the world's first unmanned flying desk set)

there's laundry
& there's dishes to unload
& then there's that guest blog post that you can't remember your password for
also the event you're organizing in november
& the email that she sent you last week
that you have said to yourself everyday
'i need to email her back'
there's those two packages that you need to mail
because those ladies have already paid for them
& then writing down what you ate today for lunch
so that you don't lose track of your points
there's the clothes that you are selling at that consignment sale
that still need to be labeled & double checked for stains
oh & your layouts are due in two days
there's months worth of pictures to go through
plus about ten emails that need to be answered
& your desk is looking very sad
because it's only job in the last few weeks
has been holding containers full of stuff you want to use but haven't
thank goodness the shower is over
(it was very fun though!)
but now you need to remember to go through
the pictures & try not to blame yourself too much
that you didn't take that perfect picture
you know the one where
you stand on the landing & everyone else looks up at you
& kate is in the middle of everyone with her adorable belly full of boys?
try not to blame
cause you can see it so clearly in your head...
there's also all of those ideas
just floating around your head
ideas to plan & make & create
the blasted internet...
an expert on the art of time suckage

but i did manage to do a post
with two ethan hawk movie references
so all is not lost...
(do you see them?)


i know that isn't a desk set
but it is on my desk...

1 comment:

jmbmommy said...

you rock! Where does it all go?? the time I mean...making food, driving kids, showering, sometimes cleaning....at least you made time for a blog post with a Ethan Hawke movie reference!!!! Can't wait until Wednesday!!!! Maybe I will do something amazing, maybe I will just breathe, which is amazing too.