30 November 2007

thank you mrs. g for being our guest speaker today
really great information...
okay class so what have we learned? whitney?

umm to renew your drivers license
as soon as the postcard comes in the mail?

good...anyone else? bridger?

not to let your 20 month old play with your wallet.

yes, yes. keely?

& if you do let her play with it
take your drivers license out first
or it will just disappear
& you will never find it again

& what about timing? ashton?

remember that if your
drivers license expires in august of 2006
& you take it in to renew it in november of 2007
you will have to take the written test
& the driving test over again.
& that if you had been pulled over in that time your car would have been towed
& you would be standing on the side of the road
with two little kids
& probably it would be raining
& you would feel like a total bonehead

okay ashton, that was unnecessary
mrs. g knows that she is lucky that never happened

anyone else?
yes, braxton?

don't try to start the car in second gear during
your driving test

very true.

that mrs. g should be very proud
for getting a 95 on her driving test
maybe not so much for getting 80% on her written
but hey it's still passing

thank you, carson...
well, mrs. g thanks for telling the class
about all of that real world experience
& congratulations on getting your drivers license
that must feel really great

oh totally
but now i need to get to algebra
i've heard that the test today is going to be off the chain...
that's a saying right?


all information in this post is
absolutely true
& absolutely factual
& absolutely embarrassing



emmi said...

So, so sad. On a similar note, letting your 18-month-old play with your cell phone is a bad, bad idea. (Everything is in twos today.) They may call 9-1-1 and, trust me, you don't want that. Ever.

Love the green!

Left Coast Sister said...

Love your new (again) format! Sheesh.
What is it about wallets, anyway? My debit card goes on hiatus from time to time due to my 20-mo old and and I'm lucking not to have to swill it out of the toilet.
Congrats on the driving test. Did you want to laugh out loud the whole time, or did you get really nervous and turn left without checking for oncoming traffic?


I wish I could have been there. So now that you had to take the test 2x are we even since I took it twice? Though I was 16 when I took them both.
I am ok with the phone play...I like the little voice mails I get from Miss M.

The Lydia said...

I am so glad you're my friend!! You make life really exciting (although I suppose all of this last adventure didn't seem so exciting at the time...).

sharigrayce said...

oh mrs. g.......you are truly something else! LOL Love the banner....so hip and ultra cool!

Angie said...

I bet you did all of this on purpose just to have a really great blog entry, right?
[just kidding]
Thanks for sharing a great story, even if it was a little embarrassing :)

jmbmommy said...

funny...I like all the modern names of the kids in your class. Funny, funny, funny....you're a good egg!

jmbmommy said...

might I also add... ROCKIN' BANNER! It looks way cool.

William said...

Hi Emily...met you at Ali's Friday at which time you shared your blog site and encouraged me strongly to respond with a comment...that was a very cute, humorously written story-loved it! There must be some way to turn that into a scrapbook page! LA

CresceNet said...
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