23 November 2007

hang ten...

just wandering around the internet & wanted to share...

this is a really cute site
(i am a sucker for good design)
& their mission statement is:
a company dedicated to enriching the play and learning experiences of preschool children at home by providing families with the products, tools, and experiences they need to support their children's journey toward becoming life-long learners and confident, independent adults.
& this is too cute...
& no i am not actually buying anything from this site
but a girl can dream...

this is such a neat idea!
& would be super fun to make yourself too
though i love the thought of
supporting a mama with a great idea...

& if you're having a hard time
figuring out what you want for christmas
perhaps this?
(or just send me a box
& i will decorate it
& i will do it for half the price
(generous, i know...
that's just the kind of girl i am:)

cool ad here
(i do love my honda
& i don't get any money to say so...)

& last but not least
my favorite place to get lost
love these
& this
& these
& this
& this guide
& this entire shop...so great
oh just go to my favorites right here
if you want a nice start
then start clicking
& get ready to have some fun...
it's so completely inspiring...
great ideas
& so nice to support people who are making things
with their own two hands...
i'm hoping i can buy something or two this month:)
always hoping...



jmbmommy said...

fun stuff!!

Kel said...

Oh my goodness! How fun! You need to sell some stuff on there girlie! New addiction I think...