21 November 2007

next: giant shoes...

so i've been able to be crafty lately
i've always got things floating around
in my noggin
but taking time away from
& wifing
& sleeping
& officing
& staring off into spacing
& many other things
that i let get in the way of being crafty & arty
that i wish didn't...
but that's another blog
another counseling session...

last week i went to my fabric stash
& was looking for something
& came upon miss m's stocking from last year
only miss m's
because no one else has one
because i gave them to goodwill
because i wanted to force myself
to make new ones
this year
(help i'm hyperventilating...)
i am so happy when things like this happen
usually the scenerio would be
decorating for christmas
tree skirt
christmas dishes
where are the stockings?
oh dear...
sewing machine.
december 23rd.
(in my fake scenerio i make them in
time to hang them up empty
before they get filled)

that is not what happened
but aren't you glad i took
38 seconds out of your blogging life to
what did happen:
i got inspired!
i got excited!
i got busy!
& i made them all

(i know...
bad lighting
& not enough photoshop...)

(i know bad lighting
& too much photo shop
or too much 1987 neon felt)
miss merra sue...

& me:

the buttons on each one
are this little idea i came up with
when brian & i got married...
we each choose one button each year to add
to our stocking
so each year the look changes a little
& we get to keep track of all of our christmases
through the magic of holey notions
so brian & mine each have ten buttons this year
pretty cool!
the neat thing too is that Q is
old enough to choose his own buttons
so i poured the buttons onto a cookie sheet
so that he could see them better
& he looked through them to find the ones he liked
& then the stagnant nature of the buttons got to him
don't they move?
don't they do anything?
i could see his brain thinking...
out comes a golf ball
& 'racing flying buttons' is born
have i ever mentioned how much i like having a boy?
a different world i tell you...

& i was so excited about my stocking in particular
because i have a big jar of buttons
& we play with them
& the kids love them
& we pick out all of the red ones
or the heart shaped ones
or whatever
i've been collecting them for a long long time
& in my card business heyday
i had lots of jars of them...
then when i was done
with that particular venture
i got rid of a bunch
but not before i went through & chose my favorites...
so in the jar were some really big ones
like for coats maybe
or a shirt for a fairy tale giant...
so i was deciding each design
miss m already had fun lines
& plaid for brian
& i was going to do dots for Q
& secretly i was jealous
i love dots
& circles
but he's a boy
& i can't exactly do hearts & flowers
so fine!
first born son
you have the dots!
9 hours of labor & now the dots...
but as i was sewing brian's Q was helping
& he said he wanted one just like daddy
not circles
squares for Q
circles for me!
as we were looking through buttons
another idea!
use the giant buttons as my dots!
oh the joy!
ten giant buttons!

& then i will add other sizes as the years come...
oh joy!
i am not being sarcastic
i really get this excited about buttons...
since we were working on christmas
a little of this

jt always makes everything a little better...

& really they did not take that long at all
the nice thing about felt is that it doesn't fray
so no hemming or hawwing
(sorry couldn't help myself)
but besides the felt
i'm quite sure that the reason
the sewing flew was

the weight that had been lifted from my shoulders...
still have that 10 inch nest of hair sitting
in a ziplock on the night table...



Jamie said...

Will you make our stockings? Pretty pretty please! I think I am finding that I am only a crafter/scrapbooker/ card maker/etc. in my head...I think far more than I actually DO. I'm slightly depressed saying it out loud too! I love them, Em. I'm so GLAD you were smart enough to throw out your stockings so that it would force you to make new ones! I love love love them! Your hair (or what I can't see of it) is beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving, friend.



I thought maybe you decided to become a clown...run away with the circus??
Love the socks...still love the hair!

jmbmommy said...

A hair nest....what are you keeping it for??? Wait...you could spin it in to some yarn and next year you can learn to knit and then you can knit yourself a big hair stocking to be filled with goodies...Wait, I just thought that it would be so gross if a damp, maybe half licked candy cane got stuck in your hair stocking...that would be kind of gross, and then you would have wasted that fine hair nest...what to do?

Nice buttons!

Kel said...

I just love you so much, you make my heart so happy. I got to be crafty too!!! Woohoo! It's like a release! I will have to share on my blog very soon, no seriously, I will....

Sarah and Jack said...

That picture looks like my little boy when he plays with buttons too!