26 November 2007

the most wonderful time of the year...

yesterday was crafty day
for me
how happy was i?
first off i got to go to a wreath making party
so much fun
my friend shari hosted at her adorable house
fully decorated for christmas
she provided the branches
& everyone brought things to contribute
like pinecones
& ribbons
& holly
& other branches
it was so fun
i got totally lost in the making
one of my favorite things to get lost in...

& i came home with
two wreaths!
thanks shari!
(shari has pictures on her blog
of everyone & their wreaths
if you need a little inspiration...
click on her blue name up there to see them)

then i came home
all full of holiday spirit
to a husband all full of holiday spirit
in the wood shop
cutting out trees for us to paint

(miss m does not have a head wound
by the way...
just some very creative make-up

check out the green one
i primed it
& miss m just swiped at it with the brush
& check it out
kinda contemporary cool...

plus at shari's house
i saw this great quote...

crafty day
please come visit again...

i have officially replaced
my name is earl
with samantha who?
on my current list of favorite tv shows
check it out
too funny


Kambria said...

Is that the famous miss amy singer in the picture? i love you guys and your little christmas/hanukkah (is that how you spell that?) wreaths! i miss you guys....

jmbmommy said...

that quote...I like it...BUT is it really from 2019?? if so could you see if there are flying rocket cars?? I have really been waiting for so long and I would like to know when they become available to the general public.
Thanks a million!

emilyruth said...

note to miss jmb mommy:
sharpie on hand=slighty unreadable
it says 'zola'
emilie zola

love you
even if you are a
smartie pants...

jmbmommy said...

ok...but rocket cars, I have wanted one since the Jetson's...we are in the 2000's, don't you think that it is time??
I really do like that quote!

Colleen said...

Alas! For some reason I cannot see any of your photos. But I can imagine which ... segues absolutely perfectly into what I really wanted to say which was thank you for the lyrics to that wonderful song! Exactly what I was thinking, feeling. I'm only just becoming familiar with John Mayer's stuff (which I LOVE) and this was as apt a song as could be. So thank you!
And even though I can't see your photos it sounds like your heart is full and happy and feels blessed to its' toes (do hearts have toes?).