15 November 2007

it's a tough one...

i have this problem
this issue
a personality trait
a character flaw...
i put things off
waiting for just the right timing
i don't email back when i get awesome long
information filled emails
(hi kambria!)
i don't call people back
when they call to say 'hi'
& 'i just wanted to see how you are doing'
(hi gwen!)
because i'm waiting for a window
in which there is no back ground music that include the words
wheels, bus or round & round
& just for the sake of this having three items on the list
let just say that i put off writing
blogs because i want to have the
perfect amount of time
the perfect pictures
the perfect way to express just
how wonderful & life changing
our trip to portland
my scrapbook class
the first visit to chuck e. cheese
that one piece of pizza
or my hair cut
just for the sake of argument
let's say that i think
i need this perfect timing
& let's just say that i have
5 emails in a folder marked
'need to write back!!!!!'
& i have forgotten to call back dear friends
& that i have actually had some wonderful experiences
in the past few weeks
& have a great list in my head
with adorable anticdotes
(spell check says that is spelled wrong
it gives me no choices
if i take out the c it would be antidotes
maybe spell check is trying to tell me something...)
& details to make you feel like you were there
with all of the neon lights
& creepy giant mouse wandering around
the descriptions were so good
you could just reach out & touch his plastic nose
& smell the pizza & dirty socks...
glorious i tell you!

so the character flaw
waiting for the perfect moment
having good intentions
but no follow through
choosing to do other things
like sleep
this can be cured!
i can write thoughful yet brief emails to those i love
yet have not seen for months
neigh years
(i went with the horse spelling on that one
i have no idea if it's right
but i like horses
& some of you do too
i know it because i read your blogs...)
i can call people back!
actually i really hate talking on the phone
so maybe i'll wait on this one...
baby steps
& i need to keep one character flaw
to keep myself humble
(oh! my sides ache from the sarcasm!)

& it will start today
watch out world...
i'm coming & i'm bringing
details & pictures & thoughtful descriptions
& spelling errors!
i'm cured

& so in honor of this
yet another counseling session down
i will give to you
my friends
& family
& people i don't know but love just the same
the list of blog
piled up in my head no more
now on the screen
cliff's notes version

hiking through the 'woods' with captain auntie kate=fun

chuck e. cheese=wild

kate cutting off 10 inches of my hair=freeing

hanging out at sip & kranz with my ultracool friend gwen & her kids & my ubercool sister in the pearl with my super cool kids & moderately cool self=cool

visiting green frog with aforementioned coolness=incredible

wilsonville playground with grandma rona=awesome

giving grandma rona a heart attack when Q jumped off a 6 foot tall rock wall=scary (for all involved including Q)

driving 45 minutes to ikea waiting 20 minutes to return $14 worth of merchandise & then driving 45 minutes back=not worth it

getting to see & hear rob bell speak live & in person=life changing (really)

cheesecake factory with brian, dad, kate & ryan=good times

coffee & happy face pancakes with grandma rona after church at shari's in which the kids colored on paper & windows (that was the little girl elf) while parents ate happy face pancakes=pushing it a little

driving home sunday afternoon with tired, crabby kiddos=mind numbing

looking in the back seat when kids finally fell asleep=heart melting

hanging out with friends monday night=wonderful

the duck football game=excruciating (thanks for the word rach!)

the crafty playtime that i helped organize in october=really great

the one that i did in august=really great too

going to see 'dan in real life' by myself the day before halloween & loving it=relaxing

that one time i met up with friends at sweet life & closed the place down=excellent

Q's third birthday that i never blogged=rad (i'm running out of descriptive words)

the movie robots=visually stunning

the first time miss m said mommy=heart melting

that one piece of pizza=delish

getting all of that off my brain=priceless



jmbmommy said...

wow...and me the first comment...sweet.
So good to hear...First thought when reading blog, also I remind myself ALL THE TIME.

THERE IS NO PERFECT MOMENT, there is only now...and sometimes that means sneaking in a subpar blog...not this one...but one entered is one finished.

You rock, you rad, cute-haired momma!

emmi said...

I am glad you don't like talking on the phone. I don't either. It makes me feel better, like maybe I'm not such a bad friend after all.

BTW, if you think you have issues I think I must be much worse. I blog once a month. Once...but then I usually feel all proud about it. You are far, far better than I.

The Lydia said...

Yeah, I've heard Bene is pretty amazing.
That's the first thing that came out of my mouth(well, fingers because I'm typing) cause it was the last thing on the list of blog-worthy items.
I CANT wait to see haircut
I'm so sad I missed monday :( nearly cried I did
I also dislike the phone talkage
So glad you got to go to the movies! How was it? I wanna see it! Maybe I'll see it alone too...tis quite relaxing...
Gosh I miss you!
I'll see you on the MORROW!
Love you lady!


We had a great time with you guys...don't feel bad about not blogging daily. I am like Emmi, I feel good if I write one a month. You do so much more!
love you! Captain Auntie K