19 November 2006

for these things i am...

for more than i can list

but here's a few

a husband who makes me laugh everyday
digital cameras
(please may i never have to live without one)
paper & glue
(any paper, any glue)
tank tops with built in bras
(can't sleep without one...not comfortably at least:)
good friends
(who laugh, accept & comment on the old blog:)
(any paint, any time)
george clooney awards
(did you see? 2nd time...go george!)
black & white
(perfect combination)

when a certain little boy says
'mama, i have a present for you
let's go to the park'
skwooshy pillows
(i hoard them!)
parents, grandparents & great grandparents
(to love us & save our bacon on a regular basis)
baby wipes
(can you even imagine life without them?
no, don't even try...this is a happy blog...)
people who help other people
( aspire...)
road trips
(more please!)
(classic. middle school memories. good ones.)
i am completely & unconditionally loved
(thank you, God)

my little girlie waking up with a huge grin
(everyday that happens! too cute:)
the office
(always lives up to expectations!)
a place to write, gush, blab, rant & just be me
(thanks my bloggy friends:)
& of course
kids in fall leaves...
(even crying kids)

what are you thankful for?


jmbmommy said...

I can't look at that picture of Miss M and not giggle....she looks so mad, but I bet one second later she was laughing, or on to the next emotion. So very cute.

for old friends,
healthy family,
Abundance in life!

Kel said...

I think I am more thankful this year than I have ever been before. It is such a good feeling to be grateful, and I think I am getting better at noticing God's blessing in my life.

I am thankful for you my friend.

p.s. i also giggled at miss m's picture. so sad, yet sooooo cute!