17 November 2006

gripe fest '06...come join the fun...

things to do today

5:30am walk/run with tina

5:32 wonder why i ever agreed to walk/run with tina

6:02 remember why...cause it feels so good when you're done

6:13 stretch & sit-ups & listen to brian's morning songs

6:40 shower...sometimes alone, sometimes with a pint sized audience
'takin' a shower mommy?'

7:30 start cleaning the house because the tyree's are coming over

7:42 wonder why we invited the tyrees over
maybe we could just meet at target
target is always clean
you never find a 3 day old sippy cup of milk sitting around at target

8:04 return to the real world & continue cleaning

9:00 trudge down the driveway with kiddos
weighted down by diaper bag, blankie, stuffed cow named 'grandpa calvin'
wonder when i became a sherpa

9:12 quick stop at albertson's to but cold & cough medicine for merra & i

9:30 drop the kids off in child care
apologize to teachers for forgetting burp rag, milk & diapers
what the heck is in the diaper bag?

10:00 meeting with rachael & jeannie
talking about adult things with adult people
dare to dream...

11:02 get kiddos from child care

11:05 chase Q around church lobby
'want to stay with clara'

11;13 wrangle Q into car with the ever popular 'bribe & threat method'

11:19 drive through starbucks to get a gift card for coach ramie

11:38 go to soccer
strap miss m into bjorn & zoom around with Q
last day of this session
Q loves it...every night 'God bless coach ramie'

12:22 buckle in two on the edge of nap time kiddos into the car

12:27 drive through any place with a value menu

i am getting tired just typing this...
let's just say
the day is full...

things i want to do today & for the rest of the week...
dig a hole & crawl into it
with some hot chocolate
an US magazine
& john mayer, serenading me
(he's not in the hole with me
just sitting on the edge dangling his feet)
(it's a deep hole...)

please come to gripe fest with me!
i don't want to go alone!
what if i don't know anyone?
what if i can't find the bathroom?
we can buy t-shirts!
come on....

what going on with you...


funny thing is
one look at this little sweetie
& none of it even matters
& i'll gladly drive a car full of 2 year olds
& 8 month olds to kansas & back...
(well, at least to vancover...
washington, not canada)


jmbmommy said...

Cute kiddy shirt!

I thought that you just stayed around the house and scrapped all day....don't you have time for that.

I especially like how your list ends at 12:27...."We do more before noon-thirty than most people do all day", maybe not as catchy as the army's motto, but let's see a Ranger keep up and stay smiling after a morning with 2 little guys.

Why don't we bring them all home and see..... (ok, had to get political)

Last night I thought that I could:
feed two kids,
take one to a friend's house so I could go to a guild meeting,
pick up one,
take two to mall to pay a bill, pack both back home and get to bed.

What happened:
Kids got fed,
late for meeting,
took two to meeting,
visited friend,
Paid bill,
Kids wrestled into bed by 9:45
Asleep by 11 ?!!
Still up by 6:50am??

I wonder why moms ever get tired??

Ali said...

I love that recap today Em - so right now :). I am griping about being sick - plain and simple. Yucky.