18 November 2006

bookmark it...

here's a new one to add to your list of blogs not to miss...

this is my dear friend jbmommy
(not her real name)
we have been friends since the 8th grade
(7th for her)
with a small bit of time in there that we just refer to as
'when we weren't friends'
but that could never last!

she was the one who made the bag of
'word of the day' papers
& every day we would draw one from the bag
& a group of us would find out the word
then as we walked the hallowed (sp?) halls of oaklea middle school
we would see each other & say something like
'that is a very INTERESTING shirt you are wearing'
& we would all scream
ala peewee herman
(this was obviously before his 'other performances' were revealed
though once you love peewee you just do
disgusting displays or not.
i forgive him
i just don't want to hear about it ever happening again...
you hear me peewee?)

so jessica...
yes jessica
she is just too cool
& not afraid to tell you how she feels
in the most lovely way
so that you go away thinking
'i had never thought of turtles rights that way before
but now i must go buy a turtle
& join every turtle cause there is'
(turtle rights is actually not one of her causes
it was just a fake example
because i am not a political blog...
though if you are interested in turtle rights
i'm sure there is something out there for you
they do desreve our respect
shell or no shell)

her most recent post rocks.
it's about going on the road to producing &
excelling acedemically
(with spelling like that i obviously needed a little more acedemics)
& careerwise
& then realizing that maybe a break from that isn't a bad idea
especially when two sweet boys are involved
i loved it most because
i was never on that track
i always knew i was going to be a stay at home mom
& wanted to be
so i love a different perspective
& i think she is so brave
& just wonderful!
check her out
this post is serious & sweet
but there are bound to be some funny rants mixed in too
(get cracking jb....
love you!)



jmbmommy said...

Now you have done it, I was a secret blogger....and now I guess I am out of the blog-closet.

We will see about future blogs about turtles, I do like them and they have been getting a hard time of it out there, what with the oceans being polluted and humans taking all of their habitat.

Memory is a funny thing, because you seem to attribute many of our zany antics to me, but I always feel like they were your idea....hmmmm, maybe a blend of weirdness is the best, do you think?

Thanks, friend.


Love the new blog!