27 June 2006

school's out for summer...

so i know for most of the population
summer just means
that you don’t have to go 20 in school zones anymore

but for me it means
brian is home!
this is the first summer that neither of us is working
(except for the 4 weddings we are doing
but that just means we are working together:)
i realize not a lot of people have this luxury
so i’m not going to brag
(too much)

but on my goodness
it is so nice
like some days i go to empty the dishwasher
& it is already empty!
& not because Q took all of the dishes
out to his wading pool

& i could take a shower every day if i wanted too
not that I will
but i COULD

& if we wanted to we could just hop in the car
(oh yeah we could just hop,
after an hour of packing up everything under the sun
though, those of you with more than 1 kid
do you notice that after the first
you kind of decide
oh she/he’ll just have to be fine
without all of the comforts of home?
like one time with Q
we packed up the swing
(not a travel swing)
to take to rona’s house
because he could not function without it
now we’re like
set her on a blanket
with something near to look at
& she’ll be fine…)

we could hop in the car
& go to the grand canyon
or target

it’s really pretty cool
& Q LOVES having daddy home
finally someone to wrestle with
instead of these stinking girls
for some reason
don’t love to be surprised from behind
with a wiffle bat to the head
dad on the other hand loves it

okay so much for not bragging:)

to those of you in Oregon
(& you know who you are hopefully)
is it hot enough for you?

we went to fern ridge lake yesterday
a place where the potential for comedy
is boundless
if you’ve been there you know what I mean
jeff foxworthy would have a field day

the bottom of the lake is soft as can be
i try not to think too much about why it’s so soft
& it seems that they've added bark-a-mulch
in an attempt to soak up the water
(i'm just guessing)
so every time you walk
you are followed by a cloud of bark
how could i not expose my children to the natural(?) wonder that is
fern ridge lake...

Q loved it
it took him a while to get used to it
he's kind of a cautious kid
at first
after he gets used to stuff
then he's he's just wild
not sure how this personality trait will pay off in middle school...

Q & brian played for hours
brian throwing him in the air
& Q
'A-gin? A-gin?'
so cute!

it was really nice though
to be in the water
& just near it
i put so much sunscreen on merra
she looked like i was planning to bury her & roast her
like we were getting ready for a luau
(is that too gross?
i really would never do that…)
it did pay off
she hardly looks like she has seen the light of day
& she really didn't hate the water
she didn't love it
but she didn't scream
i count that as a victory!

we also have gone to barnes & noble
2 times now
our kids ages are perfect for it right now
Q would set up at tent
& live next to thomases train table
if we let him
& merra does one of three things
(she's very advanced)
sits on one of our laps
or lays on a blanket kicking & cooing
(what a cutie bootie!)

i read thought provoking literature
like US & entertainment weekly
brian researches photographic equipment
(because we don't have enough...
kind of like me & scrapbook supplies:)
it is so nice
& i do realize that when miss m starts crawling
this lovely little dreamy state will be no longer
so we are all moving into the tent with Q
& having our mail forwarded...

keep cool
enjoy the sun
& don’t forget the sunscreen
(like i did…yikes!)



Angie said...

I laughed out loud at "we could hop in the car & go to the grand canyon or target"

Left Coast Sister said...

The goosh at the bottom of that lovely lake always did weird me out a little. I'd love to claim to be a nature girl, but in my heart of hearts a nice cement pool bottom makes me breathe a little easier. I love those family pictures though... don't you just love dads!?!! Even better when they don't only reside with you on M-F from 6-9 pm and weekends! I try not to brag about (my) Bryan's schedule too!

jmbmommy said...

I like the blog....I haven't tried the B&N with kids, but maybe that would work. As for fern ridge, did you ever try it for the 4th of July... a battlefield of excitement. Maybe they don't do that anymore....you know, we gotta be "safe"....hee hee