08 June 2006

happiness is...

today on her blog
my friend ali
what is your happiness today?
& it was so fun to read everyone’s hapinesses
so fun that i am going to do it here
so anyone reading
no matter if it’s today
or in ten days
tell me
what is your happiness today?

i said mine was
a healthy little guy
(he got what i had
& let me tell you
it was not pretty)
& miss m trying to smile & nurse at the same time
so cute!

but i must add one
a less deep, not so sentimental one

it is my new dessert of choice
i call it…
well, i don’t call it anything
hey i think i’ll have some of that darn good stuff
darn good stuff
that is lovely & inviting name, no?

one slice of pound cake
(frozen from costco)

one layer of raspberry jam
(canned from winco)

one spray (okay, 3 sprays) of whipped cream
(canned from costco)


(i’m sure it would be equally if not more
delish if all of the ingredients were fresh
but hey
i work with what i’ve got:)

i was going to post a picture of it
but our internet is running so slow right now
that by the time i got to it
this is all that was left

okay so on with the show…
happy things please…

ps here’s ali’s blog
it’s a great one
you should check it out:)
some day i will figure out how to post a link in a word
(i really will, jenna!)
until then
cut & paste it is…


jmbmommy said...

You are so silly!! My happiness today was daring to shop at Costco with 2 boys and then having people stop me in the aisle to tell me how wonderful they were, even if Sammy's "Wiggles" book was really loud and annoying!

rach said...

my happiness today was laying in bed this morning with my three little ones lined up in a row beside me on one pillow - yes they all fit on one pillow when they are 3 and under. i just can't believe their mine, all healthy and beautiful and i get to wake up to them every day!

Kelly said...

Oliver saw a tall man today at the YMCA and shouted "Goliath!!!" =)
Every time I think of it it makes me smile.