19 June 2006


that's how quinn referes to them
why put the 'and' in, right?
or even take a breath between sylibuls (sp!)

anyone within 2 feet of us at any time knows
he LOVES cars
with a capital L
(or would it be a capital c?)
so taking him to see CARS the movie
was a total no brainer

last weekend
(when was the last time i went to opening weekend of anything?)
we did a last minute
babysitting plead
(thanks dad & tam!)
& brian & i took Q to see cars

it is so good
i recomend it to everyone young & old
with or without kids
Q did so good for over an hour
just sat there eating his popcorn
one kernal at a time:)

with about 15 minutes left he started to get antsie
now another parent might have said
'okay dear son, you've done so well
& if you are ready to go then we shall leave now'
we are not those parents
we needed to see how those animated cars ended up...
how could life go one without us knowing if lightning mcqueen won the race?
so out came the emergancy candy
(something i highly recomend)
& i gave it to him piece by piece
because every good mother knows that
it lasts a lot longer if you dole it out like that
the seconds it takes to pass it from your hand to theirs alone
must add up to at least a minute

it was great
& so fun to have a little date with our boy

in conclusion i must give a hand to disney
CARS is everywhere
gummy friut is not half as good if isn't shaped like mater
a scrape will heal so much faster if it has a sally bandaid
& what do you imagine mr Q will
be getting for christmas this year
when it comes out on dvd?

i would call it a racket (?)
but i'm too busy collecting all 7 happy meal toys...


1 comment:

Left Coast Sister said...

We were at the beach last week and the commercials for Cars were on about every commercial break. A kept saying "Let's switch it to the Car one" every time the real program came on. We'll have to check the REAL Cars out! A date with the big kid sounds fun for everyone!!