01 June 2006

happy kate day...

standing on the sidewalk
looking up
the window
with hope

my mother holds
the newest
for me
almost three

29 years ago
she came
changed us
to us

sweet girl born
friend realized
a match
well made


happy happy birthday my sister!
i love you:)

(this will have to serve as a card for now...
more to come soon
i promise:)


Grandma Betty said...

I remember well the day our precious Katie was born.
Your Dad, Grandma Dorothy, Grandpa Cal and you and me waiting downstairs at Sacred Heart for the good news.
What an exciting day. A day for celebration.


It would not be my birthday if I did not shed a tear or two. There is no one else I would want as my very own sister! Thank you for the sweet blog in my honor!