08 March 2011

we really don't let ourselves say no to an idea...

yesterday i listened to a great
on npr, fresh air...
it was with grant achatz
an award winning chef who lost his
sense of taste to tongue cancer...

it was so inspiring!
i love listening to people talk about things they love
& taking risks...
the tongue cancer part was sad
& great because he has gotten it back
but the parts that i loved the most were
hearing him talk about the
unique things they do with food at his restaurant:

"What makes the food that we do at Alinea so interesting on the outside is that we really don't let ourselves say no to an idea," Achatz says. "When we start looking at things really critically or even very simply, we realize that there's more than one way to actually get the same results ... You're deconstructing the components of a course and putting them back together."

(he tells how they make this dish...
pretty awesome)

he talked about these small pillow cases that they
infuse with scents & then put them on the table
with your plate over them
& throughout the meal the scent comes out &
is a part of your dining experience...
is that the weirdest, coolest idea, or what?

it made me think that the ideas i have
i should just go for it...
one step at a time, of course
but so what if it sounds weird to some people?
let's just try it, okay?

you can listen to is here
or free through itunes...

ps he sounds so much like james franko
(from the fresh air interview with him)
& i loved that, too...
he's totally young & laid back
not at all condescending
(that's terry gross's job anyway...
i do love her, but sometimes...:)

it was a great thing to listen to as
i did errands yesterday...
yep, i'm that anti-social girl you see
walking around the grocery store with my headphones on...


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