23 March 2011

spring break, staycation day 3: food, friends & films...

(via camera phone)

plan: go to the store & get only what's on the list
result: a 6 year old with three suckers

plan: daddy daughter date to see 'tangled'
result: 'tangled' was sold out &
according to brian hell is pronounced 'pic-a-nic basket'

plan: have Q do a bit of homework every day
result: well, at least he can spell x-box

plan: have my bff, angie's, family over for a lovely dinner
result: calzone
+adult beverages
+ a few minor meltdowns (by the kiddos, honest.)
+charlie & lola
= a really lovely night

all the kiddos...
(via camera phone that wouldn't let me crop)

plan: kiddos sleep in their beds tonight
result: one's on the floor, one's in the closet...

plan: another rockin' staycation day
result: yes!



Sarah said...

looks like you guys are having a wonderful week! SO AWESOME :) Aren't you glad spring is in the air?

jmbmommy said...

So much would have been lost in this picture if you had cropped it! I do LOVE the beer in the front... classic!