22 March 2011

spring break staycation day 1: just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

it was just supposed to be Q & brian
but then miss m heard about it
& we all were in on the trip...
i had my doubts
she's kind of unpredictable
my best description of her is
'she's really really happy
unless she's really really mad'
but she loved it & we all had a grand time!

i even swam some laps
which i wasn't sure if i could do any more...
over the last 7 years my 'swimming' has involved
holding a small child or at least being
upright enough to rescue one if needed...
it was very cool...
& so tiring!
three hours later
we were home & passed out in various parts of the house...
the best kind of tired, if you ask me :)

hooray for spring break
& husbands who are teachers
& kids who like to do stuff
(most of the time :)
& staycation!



Kate said...

looks like fun!!!

Janna said...

Gotta love Splash! Glad you all went!