15 March 2011

rose accepetance: what i learned from 'the bachelor'

i just watched 'the bachelor: after the finale rose'
& i know it can be called many things
(fake, trashy, a dream come true)
& i know that it's not for everyone
but out of all of the seasons i've watched
this felt like was the most real & honest...

i loved how they talked to past
bachelor/bachelorette couples who are still together...

it goes with what i think is becoming
my personal life philosophy:
people just want to connect.
they want to be noticed
& heard
& relate to someone else...
to know they aren't alone
& that someone else has gone through it, too
& survived!
(oh, that's a different reality show :)

& really it doesn't even have to be that deep,
it can be, of course,
but even just a little
'what a cute coat!'
'have a good day'
is connecting...

& think about when someone
says something like that to you...
it gives you a little jolt of happy
even if just for a minute:
someone else noticed you
& took a second to say 'i see you'

& this relates to 'the bachelor' how?

i know, i know, but
as the established couples talked to this new couple
you could see they wanted to help...
& who better?
i could give advice all day long
(& sometimes do)
but i've never been there...

& brad & emily were listening
& understanding
& having light bulb moments...
you could even tell when the last music played
that emily said to brad 'it's just you & me'
which is what ali said roberto says to
remind her that when it comes down to it
they are the two in the relationship...

i love that inspiration comes from everywhere
& when you're alert
you can see examples of good things...

even on the bachelor.


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