04 November 2010

wonderfinds: denim & top-stiching

i'll be back later (today? tomorrow?)
with my school house purchases...
i did take pictures last week
but then the kids cleaned their rooms
& so i am going to retake them
keep up the illusion that the floor is always clear of
& undies


i have been finding such great stuff lately at
the thrift stores
(& one particularly awesome garage sale):
a couple of cute coats
some shoes
& a dress or two...

i found these shoes & a dress yesterday
& took pictures before they were welcomed in
to my happy little closet
(i am learning)

these shoes
are just what i need for fall
cute little buckle!
i love how the ends of the belt-like thing (?)
stick out a little bit...
will it hit things as i walk?
brush against other's ankles?
they are very unpredictable...
always living on the edge.

i wasn't so sure about the cut-outs
still not
but it's not like they are showing something inappropriate...
like my heels (gasp!)
so again i'm a risk taker with my footwear...

(brown school shoes, goodwill, $4.99)

this dress reminds me just enough of a
back to school jumper
that i get a little nostalgic
but not so much that i want to do anything crazy
like actually go to school...

(denim dress, goodwill, $5.99)

'Q's mom, why are you hanging that dress in a tree?'
(Q & miss m were not fazed at all, of course)

i love the little ruffled arms
& again with the top-stitching...

makes me want to go buy school supplies...



Sandie {A Bloggable Life} said...

A fellow thrifter! Found you from a comment over on Bushel & a Peck. Thought I'd say hi and let you know I thrift too!

jmbmommy said...

I SAW THAT DRESS... I tried it on... I thought, Emily could probably pull this off... Seriously! Why am I not a dress/skirt person? I am so glad that you found it too. I should have bought it for you and surprised you, that probably would have been more clever, but, you win some you lose some! VERY CUTE!

emilyruth said...

that is so crazy!
i love it :)

ps you could totally pull it off!

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