15 November 2010

magazine monday: lucky, december 2010

lucky is a magazine that i have subscribed to on & off...
i always love it
but sometimes i'm more interested in fashion
& sometimes i just hope there's something
in my closet that doesn't make me want to
step on my own foot repeatedly (?)
this issue celebrates their 10 year anniversary...
time to party!

i simply adore this dress...

inspiration boards are something i just love to see
there's a blog with different people's boards
(maybe i will try to dig it out)
this one is so sweet
the yellow
& rachel bilson
& that little building down on the bottom?
you turn that top over & it's a serving dish
& the bottom part is bowls stacked on top of each other...
(talk about 'build a meal' :)
really fun!

& they did a timeline
of their last 10 years...
i am such a sucker for a timeline!
so great to see all of the fashions through the years

i also always fall for the
'10 must have pieces'
every time,
no matter what they are in reference to
('10 must have pieces for stage diving'
'10 must have pieces for ice dancing')
but this one might be more handy than most...

i think i've got 8 of the 10
anybody have some size 10 motorcycle boots
they would like to get rid of?

this next page was fun...

i loooove this skirt...
not sure if i'm brave enough to wear it
but it's just so cute!

& this outfit...
or maybe it's her pose...
either way
i'm liking it

another one i loooove
but probably won't be wearing :)

then they just started this new column
at the end of the magazine
(i'm a sucker for a good last page, too)
it's all about celebrating different girl's style icons
you can even send in your story
about a friend or relative...
what a neat idea...

happy anniversary lucky!
i'll always take a gamble with you :)

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