03 November 2010

school's out...

be still my heart!
my love of school related paraphernalia
is no secret
so when i saw this sale in the classifieds
i was so there...

(i grew up with this encylopedia set...
ah, pre-google!)

all of the text book essentials...

cutest dictionary cover ever...

the things that made me long for a school house of my own
were all of the desks & chairs!
& these tables...


cute little cubbies
that i stared at for ages...
the lady kept coming down on the price

it wasn't the price
it was the 'where would i put this'?
in the end (after a text or two)
i bought it for jill
& i paid full price
($5 :)

even the bathroom was cute...

& my assistant had lots of fun too :)

(adorable puppet stage!)

this sale
(& another closing pre-school sale)
just made me more sure that someday
an old school
is in my future :)

ps next i'll show what i actually bought...



Lynn said...

How fun! I love all the school stuff too! Right up my alley! :)

Angie said...

i want want want that cubbie!
if jill doesn't, you know who to call!
p.s. i have a schoolhouse of my own, so next time please take me with you!

jmbmommy said...

That looks like too much fun, and your assistant is pretty cute!

gretchen said...

oh, the cubbie...it would have been mine, too!
amazing sale, one i'd have loved to have been hauling things away from!

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