16 November 2010

school houses rock...

my school house finds
first let me say
i could have bought everything there
& figured out how to use it
(preschool table as coffee table? yes!)
if only we had a 5000 square foot house...

thankfully both kiddos needed a desk
(yes, NEEDED! :)
& there were so many different choices
from tiny little things
to the high school 'chair with small desk board attached' type...
miss m (after much contemplation) chose
this little sweetie:

i got to go to two school closing sales
that week
(& sadly i think there will be more to come
in the next few years
it's bittersweet, really...
i love school sales
it's just sad that a school has to
close in order to have them)

the first was a preschool closing
it was a little school my sister actually went to
so that was kind-of sweet
that also means it was over 30 years old
& believe me
they kept everything...
as i walked in there were two sets of cubbies coming out
(one was teal & chippy & perfect!)
Q was with me so my time was limited
but i did get to go through
& find some fun stuff...
a set of road & traffic sign flash cards
(not exactly sure why you would be testing
preschoolers on 'no right turn' but, okay)
some of them i knew Q would love
& oh, he did:

(danger: legos underfoot!)

(detour to the closet!)

& the desk he chose
(with no contemplation at all)
is exactly the same as the one he has at school
(he knows what he likes :)
he added it to his lego mega-desk
(mega desk! dwight shrute!)

(poison sign was in that flash card set too)

& the chair
the chair...
if i could have bought them all
(tons & $2 each!)
i would have...

i loooove the base so much...
wouldn't it be cool to have these all around
a dining room table?

& now my desk!
when i was in high school
my parents got me a drafting table
a real live(ish) one!
& i loved it
& have used it since then
in every room i've ever had...
but every year it has gotten
less & less sturdy...
when you would put something remotely heavy on it
it would shake & things would fall over...
so when i saw these at the elementary school sale
i was so excited...

(my high style garage art space :)

they are drafting tables too
but so super sturdy...
i am in love with them!
& the surfaces are a dream to clean up
considering they have probably been scrubbed
of grime for 30 years
& still look amazing
i'm thinking i will have them for a few years, too :)

my estate/tag sale friend, lisa
(we have never gone to a sale together
but we run into each other all the time...
it's pretty funny)
got one (maybe two?) also
(how are you liking yours, lisa?)
they are so great
& at $3 each
more than a bargain...

back to the preschool sale
this was my favorite find there:

individual little chalkboards...
can you stand it?
& 'beacon boards'
i have googled those words & descriptions
in so many different ways
& configurations but still can't exactly figure out what they are
they have a glossy finish on them
& aren't magnetic...
it doesn't really matter what they were originally
(or what works on them... chalk? dry erase markers?)
i have already made some things with them :)

they are just the cutest!

& books were 15 for $1

& stuck in with the books
i found this envelope:

full of these sweeties:

aren't they so cute?
just classic :)

this last saturday
brian said
'why don't you check out the paper
& make a garage sale plan'
(he's pretty cool :)
& the preschool sale was in the paper
i will share what we got
in yet another post
(maybe i should rename this blog:
i go to school sales sometimes
or all the time)
but let me just say this:
if we got a pinball machine
we could open our own arcade...

here's to sales & schools
& hoping that neither ever go out of style...


** you guys just have to know
how many blog posts happen in my head...
when i say
'i'll post tomorrow'
i really mean to!
& i have it all written in my brain
& then life happens
& i do more 'brain blogging'
& i'm just trying to figure this out...
should i just throw something up
even if it didn't take much thought?
or be crazy random blogger?
i don't know...
but thanks for sticking around while i figure it out :)

have a fab day!



kirsten said...

Man Emily, if you ever go to one of those sales and see cubbies I really need a set for my craft room. I'm sure you'd probably want some too, but if you ever see and abundance, I'd take some, sight unseen. Need them!!!

jmbmommy said...

Those desks are just WONDERFUL! You are a lucky bunch o' Gs!!

Anonymous said...

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