15 October 2009

ready for your close up, miss m...

when miss m was a baby
i put all of her clothes in shelves
on top of a desk
in her closet so that they were
at parent height...
now that she is three
& has fallen off countless tipsy things trying
to reach her own clothes
her mother finally got the memo:

dear mom,
put my shelves on the floor so i can reach them.

never one to take a
redecorating/rearranging opportunity lightly
i had an idea in my head
& so tuesday miss m & i started working on her room
(read: i worked,
she had a tea party with her trillions of stuffed animals)
(red blobbie drawing on the closet door courtesy of miss m herself)
it was super fun :)
she is beyond girlie
so i just get to flower & butterfly & pink out as much as i want to...
i moved the shelves out of her closet
(side note: i hate dressers,
they are the bermuda triangle of furniture...
if my kids want one when they are older
they are totally welcome to get one
but until then
we are all about open shelving, baby)

so with the clothes outside of the closet
what on earth could go inside it?
(side note two:
our closets are HUGE
they are dreamy to me...
i have considered making one into
a craft room, except there are no windows
& you would be totally closed off from everyone...
wait is that a plus or a minus?)
don't be silly!

welcome to miss m's dress up closet o' fun...

i think she likes it...


ps i just wanted to mention that pretty much everything
in this closet is that good old fashioned mix of
goodwill & garage sales & hand me downs...

& my best 'building an awesome dress up wardrobe' tip:
buy the weirdest stuff you see.
you will always be able to find
a tutu or a cowboy hat
but an m&m costume comes around only every once in a while
& you'll be so sad if you walk away from those
paisley fringed bell bottoms...

happy dress-up!


jmbmommy said...

Did you buy the M&M costume that I saw the other day?? I love that picture of Merra in motion...so her!

emily ruth said...

i did buy the m&m costume at a garage sale, so maybe :)

right after i posted this miss m came in with the paisley bell bottom outfit!
ha ha :)
i need to get a picture of her in it...
it is stinking hilarious...


Lydia said...

I recognize those pictures of that cute girl :D
you make me happy!

Kelly said...

Absolutely fabulous! So girlie! So fun! Good job mama!

the neills said...

and now is the BEST time for dress up clothes 2nd hand! i always try to score ryenn a couple new outfits at halloween...

Liz said...

LOVE that closet! We've got a costoume box, but your closet beats my box hands down!