01 October 2009

club Q...

this little picture
this is how i feel right now
this thursday afternoon at 3:12.
i just had an argument with Q...
there's nothing like an argument with
a 5 year old who thinks he is 15
to just make you want to crawl in a hole
or draw a big orange / across your sad pigtailed self...
arguing with a 5 year old is one thing
i mean really?
isn't it supposed to go:

mom: please don't do that
5 year old: okay

i thought so.
but then add in the whole
'thinks he's 15' area
& i'm ready to lay in a puddle,
a puddle of syrup or whatever is handy...
i'm not going to give details here
because if you have or have ever had a 5 year old
you know what i'm talking about
(at least i hope you do)
& if you haven't had a 5 year old then enjoy your life
cause it's gonna get ugly in a few years.
& if you have decided not to ever have a 5 year old
then i applaud you.
just for today, maybe,
but i do.
& i'm not ashamed to type it
(well, maybe a little)

& about this little rendering above
it is Q's way of telling us
'no girls allowed' in his clubhouse
('except you,mom'...some days...)
& don't you just love how
the girl in question is already sad?
like she was a sorry case even before she was /ed out...
why would anyone want her in their clubhouse anyway?
she's obviously very frowny,
very eyes & nose mixed togethery
very tight pigtailedy
very three leggedy
(that's the way i, his mother, try to see all of
the people he draws, anyway...
hmmm they all have an extra leg....)
very very unfit to be in a clubhouse...

& really that might just be exactly how i'm feeling right now
unfit to be in the clubhouse...

but wait
what's this?
that kid,
the one who was yelling
& wouldn't listen
or obey
or put one foot in front of the other to get to his room...
he's singing songs with words i can't quite make out
& making wild sound effect noises
& basically sounding like every metallica song ever written...
he's playing with his toys
(bionicles only, these days
'i only like bionicles now, mom.
it's the way God made me.
i'm just wild about bionicles')
& sounding like a 5 year old who thinks he's a 5 year old

maybe the clubhouse is back open...



Emily said...

Oh dear! I have a sister who is five and the other day she and my mom came over and she asked me, "Emily, don't you think mom's clothes are just hideous?!"

True story.

I hope you make it back into the clubhouse.

the neills said...

oh emily. i'm so glad i subscribed to your blog. you have the gift! the "write about life in the funny and interesting way" only true writers can pull off. i hope you save your blog musings somewhere other than blogspot...truly. if you wrote i book i'd so read it! :)