22 October 2009

first page...

i have a little row of these note books
in my closet
they are all the same type
different colors & styles
but the same
hard cover
three subject
pocket divider
elastic closure
spiral bound
& if target ever stops carrying them
i am screwed.
because i am i love with them...
(they don't have MINE :) on their website
dirty dogs
but they do have this one
pretty funny...)

when i was a sales rep
the secretary for the rep group
had a notebook
that she just wrote everything down in
& she never ripped a page out of it
so she could look back if she needed to
& i loved that...
so that's what i do too.
i write
quick grocery lists
great quotes
phone numbers
to do lists
books titles
my sermon sketches
funny things my kids say
use it for drawing paper for the kids in a pinch
& on & on...
it's a total archive of my days...
archive of a woman on a roller coaster
& pretty happy about it
(new blog title?)

each time i start one
i write just a few words on the first page
related to whatever is happening right then...
nothing too straight forward
(me? never!)
just maybe the feelings i'm having
or an encouragement...
this one
in the middle-ish end of october
is all about working on my
christmas classes
& stuff i'm making to sell at holiday sales...
it's a good thing.


if you can't read it
& want to
you can click on the picture
& it will get bigger...
much bigger...


Kelly said...

Holy CRAP! I love that notebook! Do you think it would be bad to buy it and use it as my new sermon notes notebook? =)

Prediction: someday your notebooks will fill a museum to be visited by people from all over the world that will be inspired by your words, whether they are grocery lists or poems. Yours is a gift.

Mrs.Kate.W said...

This reminds me of mom...she always had her notebooks for everything. Sermons, bills, lists...
Does not remind me of myself and Grandpa writing everything on scraps of paper and the back of envelopes and newspaper...

jmbmommy said...


Jeanneoli said...

I love this idea. I write notes all of the time and throw them away....what a great way to keep track of the funny things the kids say! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.