02 September 2009

mer's hair: an ode to lost curls...

there was a little girl who had mounds of curls
all over her sweet little head....

& her mommy would braid it & clip it

& always brush it right before she went to bed

& then one day, while she was playing

that darn hair got in her way

so she grabbed her scissors & started to cut

with no thought to what her mommy might say

well, her mommy she gasped & did what moms do

she grabbed her camera & took a few clicks

then mommy tried to even it out but was sad to report

the girls hair looked like it was from 1986

then two days ago the girl greeted her mom

with more hair in her hand than her head

so off went the curls, those beautiful curls

'i want my hair back!' the girl said

but did that stop her again from just one more cut
yesterday when she was supposed to be resting?

now all the scissors are stored up high in a box
so her mom's patience she will no longer be testing

so now she pretends she has long hair

with ribbon & anything she can gather

& by now it's clear the story's moral is:

when you're this cute your hair doesn't matter


ps i'm baaaaaack


jmbmommy said...

I am so glad you are back! I will say again how cute I think Miss M is. SO cute! Maybe we will see each other next week, the school bells a'ringin'

enjoying the journey said...

welcome back!