19 September 2009

am i in or am i...auf wiedersehen? part 1

i'm home alone tonight
& watching past seasons of project runway
& feeling like i need to make something
so i'm pretending i'm on the show
(yes this is why they don't leave me alone very often)
& i will be creating something with the following items
purchased at mood's eugene location
(conveniently located in my garage)

rick rack...
(is anything complete without it?)embroidery floss...
& tickets...

so i'm going to go to the workroom
& create my little item
& i'll be back for the judging in a few hours...

i just hope santino will knock it off with the tim gunn impression
so i can concentrate...
oh...this is going to be fierce!



jmbmommy said...

I love when Santino pretends to be Tim. I love your felt too. I want to see what you are making...what is it??? Are you done yet? Now???

Amy said...

I swear....we were separated at birth. Felt. Ric Rac. Tickets. Buttons. I am a fool for it all.

enjoying the journey said...

wow! home alone for an evening. how nice! & freedom.