09 September 2009

i think, therefore i am wrong (about my kindergartener)

what i thought: Q would be super excited to go to kindergarten
what actually happened: he said he was nervous (because he didn't know math yet :)

what i thought: on the first day of school we would walk together hand in hand, with me reassuring him about how it would be fun & he would really love it & do great
what actually happened: he rode his bike & i walked pushing miss m in the jogger...& he was always at least a block ahead of me (he did wait at every corner to cross the street with me & then he would take off to the next corner)

what i thought: when we were in sight of the school he would slow down & be more nervous & i would tell him how it would be fun & he would really love it & do great
what actually happened: when we were in sight of the school he went faster & yelled over his shoulder 'hurry up! we're gonna be late!!'

what i thought: we would walk into the school together, hand in hand. i would look lovely, like a wonderful, caring mother, who just strolled to school with her son while reassuring him that school would be fun & he would really love it & do great
what actually happened: by the time i caught up to him, he already had his bike in the bike rack, his helmet off & was heading to the door. kindly he waited for me to park the jogger & get miss m out but the minute she was out he was on his way. ps i was sweaty, hot & red faced from trying to keep up with him the whole way to school...pps i do not glisten

what i thought: when we got to his classroom he would need help remembering where his cubby & desk were (after all, it had been a whole week since we had been to meet his teacher & see his classroom)
what actually happened: he walked right in, put his backpack in his cubby, sat down at his desk (after all, it had ONLY been a week since we had been to meet his teacher & see his classroom)

what i thought: he might not know what to do once he got to his desk or might not talk to his teacher or any number of crazy things a mom can think of in the days before kindergarten
what actaully happened: he put his name tag on, wrote his name on the paper on his desk, listened to his teachers instructions & was all ready for whatever was going to happen next (of course)

what i thought: he might ask me to stay for a minute, or say goodbye with a little sadness in his voice, or look at me as i left, or acknowledge me at all as i exited the classroom
what actually happened: nothin'. zilch. zero. nada. bubkis.

what i thought: after school he would tell me everything he did at school, with full detail (okay, honestly this was much more of a hope because he has never done this ever, not even in pre-school, unless i tricked him (which i may or may not tell about some other time)...thankfully,
what actually happened: pop (my dad) called & Q told him all about his day & i eaves-dropped ...hey, you do what ya gotta do

what i thought: i would get some pictures of Q's actual face
what actually happened: i got one (on purpose)

what i thought: Q would love school
what actually happened: Q loved school (& it was really fun & he loved it & did great :)

1 out of 10 ain't bad?



Mrs.Kate.W said...

I remember the day you called and said you were pregnant and it feels like yesterday. I remember the day he was born and the first time he called me Auntie. I remember the first time he called me on the phone. He is growing too fast!
Love him so much!
Before we know it he will be on his way to college.

m i c h e l l e said...

What a cutie-pieness of a post! Love it!

Hutch said...

Oh my gosh! Quinn is all grown up! Bwah...

The Daniels said...

What I thought: This would be an amazing post.
What actually happened: It IS an amazing post.

Meg said...

Oh my word, this made me laugh! I had the same kind of morning today. Sorry to hear that Q is so very reluctant about school, LOL!!

Liz said...

Too funny. Somehow I think it will be like this for me as well.

Jeanneoli said...

What a great post and so sweet! So glad that your son was so excited for school and loved his first day....and for the record...no one glistens:-)

Kelly said...

Oh, I so hear ya! And then today, the first day of the second week, oliver melted and wouldn't get in the carpool car...oh well. BTW- we have the same cute front door mat. I knew I liked you. =)

jmbmommy said...

love this post... I wonder sometimes... how many mommas lived this same story this year? they grow up so fast!