08 May 2009

all i need

for a 7 mile
(excuse me 'quarter marathon')
with friends
the ipod is just in case my friends are faster than they claim to be
& then i will walk with my podcasts
& the shoes are for...
well, i hope you know what shoes are for...

i realize that in order to avoid being
arrested &/or uncomfortable i also need
some pants
a shirt
a nicely supportive sports bra
socks with no seams
& some strategically placed vaseline...
but the shoes & ipod are my favorite parts...

& so off i go
driving to stay with my sister first
then meeting the girls at the race in the morning
& then hopefully
in full use of my legs
making my way to someplace grand
to wander & enjoy
& then home & bed
& a wake up on sunday morning
to a joyous, as Q says,
mudder's day
(yep, just like the song:)

it's looking like a fine weekend is in store:)
(& if it's not
i will be sure to be back here
telling you ALLLLLL about it...)



KaraBeagle said...

I do want to hear all about it. I miss walking SOOOO much. (the countdown to crutch freedom is 3 weeks, 5 days)

Kelly said...

Oh miss Em, you make me smile! I hope you had a wonderful Mudder's Day and a sweet time with miss Kate. Love you!

jmbmommy said...

Happy Mudder's day! I hope you had fun!