05 May 2009

playing with paper & kids...

the cocoa daisy may kit
was fun to play with
i always have fun playing with the kits, actually
even if i wouldn't have chosen the items when shopping on my own...
i mean what's not to like?
i open the mailbox
inside there's a magic key to a bigger mailbox
& inside is a box full of paper & ribbon & embellishments
who's complaining about that?
not me!
& then there was this paper
this paper that told me it wanted to have light
glowing through it
& i'm not one to go against talking paper...
here's what they look like when it's not glowing
just baby food jars
with paper wrapped around them
not quite so magical
they are incognito...
watch out when the lights go out...

& then i had one strip left
& lately if anything is 2 or 3 inches wide
& longer than a two feet
it's a headband...
thankfully this was white
cause black would have just been cammo
though i guess i do have a blondie running around here somewhere...
this kit is called strawberry lemonade
doesn't that cute name just make you want to buy it?


& then this great post
ten tips for being a more lighthearted parent
(linked from simple lovely another super blog)
i love them all but my favorites:

1. At least once a day, make each child helpless with laughter.
4. Wake up before your kids.
7. Look for little ways to celebrate.

so go read them...
they are good
& hopefully one or two will stick...
that's what i'm hoping for...


Leauriy said...

I really like the first layout and the talking paper was so right! Good thing you listened. The headband is genius, by the way.

Anonymous said...

so much good stuff on this post i don't know what to say! but i really love the light up thingys and i am very inspired by the light hearted parenting!