25 March 2009


oh my
miss m is three!
can't believe it...
she is just so funny
& sweet
& spicy

already this morning she has kissed me
& said
'you're the best mommy in this whole world'
five minutes later she screamed
& hit me with a paint brush

the very best way to describe her is:
she's really really happy
unless she's really really mad...
i just can't imagine not having
her sweet little self in my life...

love you miss m
you are my favorite girlie


more fun stuff about miss m over here
(my brain is a little scrambled right now
from blowing up balloons)


jmbmommy said...

Happy Birthday girlies!

rach said...

happy birthday!
thanks for bringing drama, sweet fashion sense, speed and fun to this world!

Angie said...

merra merra merra!

there is no one like you and i hope you never change... except for the better... not that you aren't great just as you are...


happy birthday!