27 March 2009

peek peak peik...

i had fun fun fun
playing with the cocoa daisy april kit this month...
i will be honest
& say that when i get a kit
sometimes i am
(too much great stuff!)
sometimes i am
(how am i going to put this together?)
& sometimes
i am just overflowing with ideas...
that's how it was with this kit
i just kept having ideas...
i love that!
(& predictably)
i am always right up against the deadline
for when things are due
(the 25th of each month)
& i'm up until all hours
getting things done
so i don't get to do all the things i want to...
but this month i started on the 23rd!
amazing! (read:pitiful!)
so i had a little time to do some stuff...
also my new creative space
(in the garage so i will not even try to call it a studio
though i do love it:)
has made it much easier to work on things during the day
& if you're really nice
i might show you some pictures
but you can't judge okay?
it's a garage for goodness sake
i have some things hung on the handle bars of my bike

i had fun with this one
& i'm excited to show you all my pages
on the 1st...
but for now that picture up above will have to do...

oh, who am i kidding?
i'm horrible at keeping it all hidden
so if you're interested
scoot on over to my scrap blog
emily ruth scraps
& see a few more sneaks...

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